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Lets get started!!

The first thing to think about is the endless possibilities you have here.  And how easy it is to get other people to order.  This is a product that at least 20% of the population uses.  And probably 100% of them think they pay too much.  That is how you found me right?   I know I about fell off my seat when I seen how much I was saving.  And I have been ordering for over a year now.  Just recently have they added the referral program, and I jumped right in.  But I would still be buying Cigarettes from them even if they did not have this program.  The savings are just that great.  And it is a product that unfortunately  several million people need.  And now the government feels they need to penalize us for our habits.  Well we have the answer for them.  And is 100% legal.  There are plenty of FAQ's on the website explaining duty free and bonded warehouses. 


First things first.

Get an idea in your head about how you can reach the most people the easiest.  I did that at work.  Fortunately most of my bosses all smoke.  And were very cooperative with me putting a letter in everyone's mailboxes at work.   So I had a nice start.   But look for any possibility that may present itself.  Maybe if you are a college student, you can place something on a bulletin board, tell friends at parties.  Anywhere you can spread the word is great.  I also printed the order page out from where it has all the brands and the prices.  I took that into work with me and anyone that had questions, I just pulled that out to show them.  That made believers of a lot of people.  

How many people do you have in your email address book?  I have about 50 in mine, and just today sent out emails to each one of them.  I made one letter in Microsoft Outlook that talked about all the opportunities about, and a link to this site. Then saved it as a draft.  Then I opened the draft copy and added a paragraph or two that was personal to them.  That way everyone thinks that I was sending this specifically to them.  I know I hate letters that are mass mailed to people I don't even know.  I am waiting to see what are my results from that.  If I get 3 or 4 more people, that is a couple of extra dollars.  And if each of them get just a few more people....and they get a few more.  That is the best part.  When you sign up with me, I get commission off of you.  When you sign people up, you get commission off of them, and yes, I do too!  And so on down the road, until we are all making money. 

Making Money!

Lets get one thing straight.  Money is good!  We all want it.  You have to make sure that when people go to sign up that they put your login name as the person that referred them to the website.  If not, then they get emailed a random login name and you lose.  And some other person that hasn't done a thing is making your money.  I didn't have someone that referred me, so I took the random login name.  So now I am making someone a good some of cash that in my opinion doesn't deserve it.   That is your money.  So whoever you get to sign up make sure that they use your login name, not mine.  I want you to make money.  And that is the only way that I make money too.  If you make nothing, then I make nothing.

Are you good at making websites?  There are hundreds of free servers out there that you can place a website just like this on.  Do you have friends that have their own website?  Then trade links!  Go to a certain chat room. or forum?  Spread the word to all your online friends.  I do not encourage spamming them of course.  And I do not endorse bulk email programs.   But however you decide to spread the word, remember to have fun.  You will make hundreds of people happy.  Because you are sharing the power to save over 50% off something that they are going to buy no matter what.  

How I got started in this

My wife and I both smoke.  Pretty heavy smokers too.  About a carton a week each.  That is 8 cartons a month.  When I spent $35 a carton, that was $280 a month just in cigarettes.  SAD I KNOW!!  I was clipping coupons for cigarettes and going to whatever store had them on sale just to save a dollar or two.  Then one day I just searched the internet for alternatives.  Spent hours doing it.  Try it yourself.  Thousands of websites that offer great deals on cigarettes.  But in truth, not many at all did.  Most of them are Indian reservations located in New York, New Jersey and other states that the new cigarette tax has made cigarette cartons $50+.  And they sell them for $25-35 a carton.  Where I live they are still $35 a carton.  So that was not much savings at all.  So I kept searching and searching and finally after about a week of an hour or so a day searching I came across  I was so excited.  Well I bet you were too when you seen the prices.  Now I spend about $120 on the same thing!  That is saving me $160 a month.  If you have a 40 hour a week job and getting paid hourly, that is the equivalent of getting a raise of about a  $1.00 an hour!  When was the last time you gave yourself a raise?  

Well the best part now is they added the commission.  Like I said on the first page, my commission was about $175.00.  They only pay out in $100 increments, but you can bank it until you get to the next hundred or you can apply it to your order.  So I banked the $100 and bought 5 cartons of Marlboro lights at $73.50.  

So lets figure out what I gained here.  I did not spend any of  the normal $280 a month I used to spend on cigarettes.  And I put $100 in my pocket.  And smoked.  I must admit that it baffles me every time I think about it.   But in real terms I put an extra $380 in my pocket.  How much is that an hour based on a 40 hour work week?  It comes to $2.20 an hour extra.  All I did was to put this letter in the mail boxes of my co-worker.




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I am no way endorsing smoking, not paying tax's or the actual website  I am endorsing saving money legally , making money, and spreading that knowledge to others.