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Cheap Cigarettes?

How much does the average person pay for a carton of cigarettes?

$30 dollars? $40 dollars? $50....What if you could pay less then $15 for that same carton?  Its true.  I have been paying $14.95 for cartons of Marlboro's for almost a year now.

I will show you how.  I will also show you how to earn money while doing it.  Now keep in mind that I am not part of any business website.  I am just like you.  Someone that got fed up with paying $40 a carton for cigarettes and went searching on the web for the answer.  

What do I do?

Grab a pencil.  Trust me, you will be happy you did.  Now write down royalsmoke. That wasn't so tough.  That is my account name at a place we are going to be visiting.  I ask that you help me out in return for showing you this wonderful website.  To set up an account (free!) you will be asked to create a login name, password and general information.  It will also ask you to "Key in the other Participant's Login"   That is where you enter royalsmoke. That is me!  The website is  It will open in a new window.  Come back here so I can show you all the fun things I found out about this site.  Don't forget about me.  I am the one who will save you Hundreds of dollars this year!!


What now?

Want to earn some money? Want to help your friends out?  Want to be the hero at work with all your coworkers?  That is what I did.  And I want to pass along how I did it with you.  And yes, I will earn a bit more doing it.  BUT SO WILL YOU!!!

Remember your login name that you created.  Give the website address and your login to all your friends, coworkers, family or anyone you think wants to save some money.   If they buy cigarettes, they save money, and you make money.  They call it Multilevel marketing.  But I always think of Amway, or something like that.  IT IS NOT LIKE THAT!  Trust me.  People buy cigarettes, you make money.  No sign up fee, no delivering of products.  Basically they are paying you to spread the word.  And if someone you tell, tells someone else.  You make money on both of them.  That is the multi level part

How much money?

Well you are not going to buy that car you always wanted.  And I am pretty sure you will not be on an infomercial saying how you started out in your apartment and now own a 50 room mansion.  But I can tell you that it does add up.  I wrote a nice letter in about this site three months ago and took it to work.  I work at a large customer service center  with about 500 employees. I figured about one forth smoked.  So that was 125 people that I was really reaching for.  Of those I think 50 employees have used the site.  Respectable turn out.  Well for each carton they buy, i get 10 cents.  And lets say everyone orders 3 cartons a month, then I receive $15.00.  A free carton of cigarettes.    Don't laugh.  When was the last time you got a free carton?  The part that shocked me was even the ones that did not smoke, gave my letter to friends and family members that do smoke.  From that one letter, I had a response of about 150 people.  So that month I smoked for free.  

Real Money?

The next part is the best.  Because here is where that multilevel thing comes in.  I have 150 people that used royalsmoke as there referring member (me again).  Now about 20-30 of those people told some friends and family.  Some of there spouses I think took it into there work and became a hero at their work.  And without me doing anything else, I have 200 people on my second level.  Figuring just 3 cartons a month for each of them, plus the 150 people that I originally signed up, that is 350 people now that I am making money from them.  And they are HAPPY people too.  Because they are saving so much money.  And I am making so much money now. 350 people, 3 cartons a month, 10 cents a carton.  $105.00 a month.  That was 2 months ago.  This month has climbed to about $175.00.  Okay so I lied.  Maybe you can get that new car you wanted.  I made $175.00 last month just for passing out a flyer that  tells about a website.  And if I did nothing this month I will make probably $200-300 just because they are going to tell their friends about it too.  That is real money.  Not monkey dollars or any of that website specific credit dollars.  That is money in my bank account.  I can either use it to buy cigarettes or they will deposit it straight into my back account.

Your Money....

Now I know I have been talking about me.  And how much I have made.  Well now you go out and do the same thing.  Visit my How To page to get ideas on how to get started yourself.  I have several ideas that can help anyone get started.  This isn't a get rich quick scam or what ever you want to call it.  At the very least you will be saving hundreds a year on cigarettes.  At the most, you will be adding some serious pocket money.

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I am no way endorsing smoking, not paying tax's or the actual website  I am endorsing saving money legally , making money, and spreading that knowledge to others.