If you Smoke, or if you know someone that does,
please read. 


About 6 months ago, I was searching the internet.  Trying to find ways to save money on things I buy every week.  I can’t change what I pay my mortgage company.  And the phone and electric company make there own rules.  So not much luck there.  I have to eat.  But now I eat more at home.   But it seemed like my money just didn’t stretch near what it used to.


Then I thought about what else I buy.  Cigarettes.  About a carton a week.  When I first started smoking, they were $15.00, stores had them on sale for $12.99 all the time.  And that was just 5-6 years ago.  Now they are $35.00 a carton and if you are lucky you can get them on sale for $30.   So what I was paying $52.00 a month for, would cost me now at least $120.00 if I buy only by the cartons on sale.  And if you add in that my wife smokes also, that is $240.00 a month.


So, getting back to searching the net, I wanted to try and find a way to cut some of that cost away.  I found several sites offering discounted cigarettes.  Do the search yourself.  1000’s of sites.  But unfortunately most of them are U.S. sites on Indian reservations catering to states that actually have higher taxes then us.  They are still charging $25-35 a carton.  Not much of a savings.  So I kept searching and searching….and searching.  After going to 100’s of sites, I finally stumbled across one that had amazing prices.  The only problem was that it was based in Switzerland. 

And being in an occupation that deals with customs, I was worried.  I wondered if it legal?  What laws are as far as this is concerned.  Well as far as customs is concerned, they ship each carton individually, and the customs law states that there is a limit of 200 cigarettes per package (1 carton) before customs applies import tax.  And there is no law from customs stating how many packages can be sent at once.  As far as Kansas law, I have searched countless hours on their web site and have found nothing about personal importing of Cigarettes.  Only laws about distributors.


So I tried it.  I ordered one carton just to see if it worked.  Seven days later I had my first carton.  I never told my wife about me ordering.  I was so excited.  I slipped a pack of the new cigarettes into her purse.  She never noticed the difference.  It was great.  I paid $15.95 a carton including shipping and everything worked great.


Now I place an order about every 3 weeks.  I always order 5 cartons.   That will last my wife and I about the same time.  And my total is about $80.00.  I pay the $2.00 per package to get them airmailed.  I find that it takes about 7-10 days that way.  But if you do regular mail it can take 14-20 days.  Now I spend about $100 to $120 a month less on cigarettes.   Now lets put that into real money terms.  


When was the last time you got a raise?  How much?  A dime…quarter, maybe 50 cents and hour?   If you work 40 hours a week, a $.50 raise will give you about $20 more a week.  Or $80.00 a month.  And that is before Uncle Sam takes his dime out of that $.50,  so really you are down to $64.00 extra a month.  I have over $100 a month extra.   And all I did was change where I buy my cigarettes.  I have been doing this for six months.  I figure that I will save me about $1000 a year. And  I have never had any problem with lost orders or incorrect charges.


The website is www.yesmoke.com ….They have several FAQ pages if you are worried about customs or the legality.  And by the way, we are not talking about generic cigarettes.  They have Marlboro, Winston, Camel, Salem, Benson and Hedges, and more.    These range from $13.95 to 15.95 a carton.  They also have some generic type for as low as $9.95 a carton.  Lately they added some Italian cigars.


I have set up an account for everyone at work, and all of your friends.  You can receive and extra discount of $.25 per carton ordered.  All that I ask in return is that when you sign up for an account (free) that when asked to “Key in the other Participant’s Login”…please enter “royalsmoke”….And that will show me how many people I was able to help save money.  Please tell all your friends.  No…let me rephrase that…Please help out all of your friends that smoke save money too. 


Remember your login name that you created.  Give the website address and your login to all your friends, coworkers, family or anyone you think wants to save some money.   Have them key in your login id like you did mine.  If they buy cigarettes, they save money, and you make money.  Read up on the website under the ‘MLM” part and learn about this great opportunity!!!



Thank you!!